Laboratory Systems - Maintenance

Laboratory Systems Maintenance

TIS Services have been providing our customers with laboratory systems maintenance for over 37 years, working with industry leaders within the Heinicke Hotpack group. As well as now supplying a variety of laboratory and environmental systems, including bespoke designs, we are also experts in preventive maintenance.

We frequently build on our electromechanical background and develop our design expertise, and this, in turn, enables us to keep up to date when it comes to our maintenance of laboratory equipment.

Through our systems maintenance, we are able to offer dissolution testers, physical testers, and other related equipment for a variety of purposes. Our skilled engineers can take preventative measures, by carrying out maintenance checks and performing operation qualification. We recommend checks to take place every 6 or 12 months, and we will then be able to carry out any needed repairs and provide any required spare parts.

Additionally, we are able to offer PVT (Performance Verification Tests) which offer an added depth to your laboratory systems maintenance. As well as on-going and preventative measures, we are also able to respond to and deal with any more urgent breakdowns, should they arise.

For more information on our lab systems maintenance services, contact our team via the contact form, by emailing, or by calling +44 (0) 1420 564451. We will be happy to help and discuss your requirements.