Simulated Altitude Chambers

Manufacturers of Simulated High Altitude Training and Test Chambers in the UK, Europe and Beyond

TISs Sports Science “simulated altitude” Rooms provide sports science personnel, researcher’s, athletes “elite and amateur” the opportunity to test or assess the performance, Stamina and Rehabilitation of the human body at varied controlled levels of simulated altitude with or without integrated control of temperature and humidity.

Our professional systems utilise our renowned environmental control features and components with the seamless incorporation of simulated altitude. Our chambers are designed to simulate varied climate conditions from around the globe including the most inhospitable and more.

Extreme chambers are also utilised for testing performance clothing, equipment and research into the studies on the effect of Hypoxia on the human body is a safe local environment.

“Human, Equine and Canine”
“Performance, Training, Rehabilitation, Nutrition, Acclimatisation, Stamina”

Personal Systems:
Altitude Only:
Personal “portable” Systems
Hypoxic Sleep facilities [home conversion]


Professional single / multi user Chambers:
Bespoke chamber to clients
design and specification


Altitude ranges

Standard 0 to 3,500m:
Extreme 0 to 5,030m:
Ultra-Extreme 0 to 8,620m:
± 0.1% 40m

Inclusive of variable
environmental control:

Temperature Ranges from:
-40°C to +55°C
± 0.1°C
Humidity: Range from:
10% to 98%
± 0.1%

Standard Features:

  • No Dangerous nitrogen
  • Precise PLC Control to 0.1% / °C
  • Touch screen control with password safety interlocks
  • Seamless Integrated control of temperature and humidity
  • Effective control and monitoring of harmful CO2
  • Energy recovery facility for large systems

TISS Control System


  • Externally housed compressor
  • Compressor fail safeguard
  • Hidden hypoxic air inlet with silencers.
  • Bespoke custom made compressor shelters


TISS Oxygen Chart


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Simulated Altitude Training is quickly emerging as the world’s most promising development in the world of athletic performance and peak fitness.

As your body begins to adjust to repeated exposure to reduced oxygen (hypoxic) environments, amazing physiological changes occur making you faster, stronger, healthier and leaner. Whether you are training for the Olympics or just trying to get in shape, simulated altitude training is a true training revolution.

TISS are able to incorporate simulated altitude to almost any manufactures system, this may require updating or modifying certain components, if you would like further information on this service
please contact us.