Laboratory Systems - Illuminated Chambers

Illuminated Test Chamber Manufacturers in the UK, Europe and Beyond


TIS Services provide our customers with high specification laboratory and environmental systems, having had over 37 years within the industry. TISS started as a service and warranty agent for the Heinicke group, we now supply a variety of leading models to suit your needs.

We continually build on our electromechanical foundations and develop our design expertise. We are able to manufacture bespoke environmental chambers, whether you require something small such as specific bench tops, to specialised walk-in rooms.

Our illuminated chambers offer a control and regulation and may also be referred to as plenum chambers, containing air, gas, or liquid at positive pressure. Within these chambers, you are able to test the effects of pressures such as extreme temperature, humidity, light, corrosion, and vibration on a various samples or product. This can be useful for a variety of purposes, whereby any problems can be picked up, enabling you to find solutions.

We cater for a range of industries, whether that’s industrial, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic, health, sports science, or government. We are capable of providing environments and systems that offer microprocessor mechanisms for control and uniformity down to 0.15°C and 0.1% humidity, with variable flow features that comprise of vertical and pseudo laminar. Functioning ranges span from -120°C to 300°C, 5 to 98% relative humidity.

For more information about our illuminated chambers, don’t hesitate to contact our team via the contact form, by emailing, or by calling +44 (0) 1420 564451.