Environmental Simulation - Introduction

Environmental Chambers:

“Standard or Bespoke” Environmental chambers, TISs offer a standard range of chambers or totally bespoke systems / facilities manufactured to precise client specification. With unequalled expertise in design, construction and flexibility TIS have continued to raise the benchmark for control, performance,reliability, and is the acknowledged leader in the design and supply of systems for professional users.

Our background of close control systems provide integrated control of temperature, cooling and humidity for all aspects of research, Human ergonomics, sports science, life testing, storage and plant growth for the industrial, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Electronic, Military, Health and Government industries.

With unrivalled performance, reliability safety and excellent after sales support, TISS with their friendly approach and their flexibility in construction have become the professional’s choice.

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Altitude Simulation Chambers:

“Performance, Training, Rehabilitation, Nutrition,
Acclimatisation, Stamina”

TISS personal, and squad based altitude systems provide precise control and reliability, from stand-alone systems to full professional altitude simulation chambers.

Our bespoke chambers feature fully integrated control of simulated altitude, temperature, humidity and CO2 that far surpass anything available in the market place today. Our renowned control system continues to evolve taking into account significant issues such as ever changing chamber loadings,
moisture content, individual user to large groups combined with a varied amount of ancillary loadings including exercise equipment.

TISS has unequalled expertise in the design, control and construction of professional altitude systems. Our sophisticated control and display options are an integral feature of every system and are bespoke design to match customer specifications exactly. From the introduction of the first membrane based systems in 2004 until the present time, TISS has continued to set the benchmark for control, reliability, safety and support and is the acknowledged leader in the design and supply of professional systems for users. 

TISS chambers are used by virtually all leading Sport Science Universities in the UK, and involved with all facilities operated by the English Institute of Sport; we can deliver almost any environment imaginable in virtually any location, with a proven 100% track record.

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