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“Only the Human Body Provides Better Growth Conditions”

When it comes to providing optimal growth conditions for culturing applications, TISS-NAPCO air and water jacketed C02 Incubators’ only rival is the human body. The chamber environment temperature, C02, and oxygen are controlled with microprocessor precision. Relative humidity is maintained at the highest levels in the industry—98%

Equally important, our C02 Incubators return to set point conditions up to three times faster than conventional water-jacketed incubators after a door opening. As a result, they promote faster and more productive cell growth than any other water-jacketed C02 incubator available and enable you to “Culture with Confidence” in even the most demanding applications!

‘Precise Environmental Control at Your Fingertips’

The 7000 Series’ sophisticated on-board computer combines fast responding sensors with ultra-precise environmental control. Easy to program and simple to operate, it lets you control temperature and C02 to within 0.1 °C and 0.1 % with just the push of a button; optional 02 can be controlled with 0.1 % precision both above and below ambient conditions! Plus on the Model 7001C, RH is also controlled to within 1%.

The 7000 Series maintains your desired conditions throughout the chamber with exceptional ease as well. Temperature stability and uniformity are an impressive ± 0.1 °C and ± 0.25°C respectively; C02 and 02 stability and uniformity are ± 0.1% and ± 0.25% respectively. And in the RH controlled 7001C, humidity levels are also maintained with ± 1% and ± 0.25% stability and uniformity

Used in instances where a cell must be either expanded, maintained or cultured over a certain period of time – whether that’s weeks or months – a reliable CO2 incubator is a staple piece of equipment within any laboratory.

As technology has progressed over the year, the demand for CO2 incubators has increased with the movements in biological therapeutics and stem cell research, meaning that their manufacture is always on the rise.

At TIS Services, we supply high-quality state of the art systems, holding such experience and expertise in the area of CO2 incubation; we are highly adept at designing, manufacturing and implementing systems into your workspace, whether for the industrial, chemical, electronic, health, government or pharmaceutical industries.

Contact us at TIS Services, where our professional team will be on hand to answer any queries you may have regarding purchasing a CO2 incubator from ourselves. We have been providing systems for various clients since our founding in 1980.

If you already have systems in place and require expert assistance with maintenance, repairs or refurbishment, our engineer work on a wide range of manufacturers systems including custom and bespoke systems, simply contact us for expert cost effective assistance and peace of mind.