Laboratory Systems - Humidity Ovens

Manufacturers of Humidity Control Chambers and Humidified Stability Chambers in the UK

It can be important to know how a certain piece of equipment will function in humid conditions, whether it is a circuit board or a piece of metal. Humidity ovens are an extremely useful way of testing a sample in particular environmental conditions. Here at TIS Services, we aim to be the best specialist providers of humidity test chambers in the country, providing a solution to all your testing needs.

Our bespoke humidity ovens are available in bench-top and floor-standing format, allowing you to choose the one which best suits the individual layout of your workplace. These humidity chambers are driven by special microprocessors, allowing them to conduct combined temperature and humidity testing with ease. The versatility of our humidity chambers means that they can be used to test in a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, electronic and health settings.

We are proud to design, manufacture and test all of our humidity ovens in-house to make sure that they offer maximum performance and reliability. No matter how regularly your humidity chambers need to be used, we will ensure that our ovens are reliable enough to cope.

Here at TIS Services professionalism is important to us and we settle for nothing less than providing our customers with a fast response to any queries. If you would like to learn more about our humidity chambers or have any questions about your industry’s individual requirements, please do get in touch with us and we will look to provide you with our expert advice.