Featured Project: "TIS Prestigous" Environmental training in the UAE

United Arab Emirates Climate control and Altitude Training Facilities, “fit for Royalty”

One of the most prestigious training facilities on the planet, quite possibly the largest to date built in the United Arab Emirates.

This unique facility finally resembles a fully working training suite whilst in daily use by some of the world’s elite athletes. Both chambers are currently undergoing stringent testing to ensure we have exceeded the design and performance specification.

This elite facility incorporating two chambers built on separate floors is enormous in comparison to normal indoor simulated facilities.

The extreme chambers exceed all previous TIS installations simply due to their size and material quality, with twin totally bespoke remote accessed control system’s, the operating range and performance have not been achieved before on such a scale.

Both chambers are able to simulate almost any climate experienced on the planet, from Death Valley California to the summit of Mount Everest.

While we have been testing, tweaking and adjusting both chambers to ensure optimum performance and reliability a number of major clients from “Aussie Rules” to German, Dutch and Spanish footballing elite have been in and experienced the ultimate in indoor training.

The sheer scale makes it possible for an entire squad to participate simultaneously in either chamber.
An amazing experience awaits those athletes or visitors lucky enough to be invited to train in such a prestigious facility and location, built and finished to a standard totally unsurpassed.

This facility will allow athletes not only to train at precise environmental conditions in preparation for any event or competition around the globe, but also maximise the benefits of training at altitude.

TIS were invited to undertake this project due to our unequalled expertise in bespoke system design, our seamless installation, complete engineering flexibility, proven track record and working with the elite organisations throughout the UK and Europe.

Our unrivalled control, performance, reliability and after sales service in “Extreme” environmental and integrated altitude simulation ensures TIS are at the forefront in elite training facilities

Design, ground works, supplier and subcontractor management inclusive of detailed MEP AutoCad integration, TIS are in “control”.

Athletes, professional or amateur will gain a serious “edge” on the competition with TIS.

Our Environmental chambers provide unrivalled control and reliability ensuring TIS are the professionals preferred choice.

Once again we have raised the standard in the interest of fitness, performance, acclimatisation, stamina, rehabilitation and personal well-being.