Case Studies

TISS “Twin Chambers”

Description :-
One of the most prestigious projects we have undertaken, quite possibly the largest bespoke extreme indoor training suites built to date, located in the United Arab Emirates the twin chambers are fitted to the highest specification. Adorned with wall to wall luxury, external hand polished marble floors and walls. Both chambers incorporate the latest TISS control technology. Never before has it been possible to train at the extreme conditions whilst in the height of luxury. This elite facility containing two chambers built on separate floors…

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Edge Hill University
Description :-
A clean cut full environmental chamber installed in the main physiology gym area providing simulated altitude to 5600m, temperatures from -20°C to +55°C and humidity up to 98% with full automated control and data logging. Mainly used for sports science research but available to external bodies for training and acclimatisation & hypoxic research.
John Moore’s University
Description :-
Re-design of the entire facility at Liverpool John Moore’s University in order to overcome serious performance problems on twin chambers (Altitude & Extreme Environment) that were originally provided by another supplier. The re-design included the replacement of the entire control system as well as complete revision of ventilation arrangements and the addition of new equipment to allow the chambers to achieve the required performance after two years of being almost un-usable, it is now benefiting research and local sports clubs who utilize the facilities when possible for training purposes.
Northumbria University.
Description :-
A challenging installation involved lifting a 400kg compressor 90ft into the air in order to situate it in a custom built housing on the roof. The associated environmental chamber, located two floors down, was provided in association with Sporting Edge and provides full control of temperature -25⁰C, humidity to 98% and simulated altitude to 5800 mtrs allowing the university to simulate almost any climate on the surface of the planet.
Loughborough University “Environmental Stressor Suites”
Description :-
One of our most in depth challenging installations, twin extreme environmental chambers with adjacent lobby’s incorporating a pass through door, the largest bespoke GEA evaporators coils required for the application. These chambers feature full extreme altitude simulation to 6000 Mtrs and temperature -35°C to 55°C, humidity 10% to 98% with variable dehumidification and complete variable air flow characteristics that include vertical and pseudo laminar flows. These two chambers provide unrivalled control & uniformity simulating almost any required environment on the planet and further. Mainly used for research into human ergonomics, extreme and prolonged exposure and clothing research.

The photo shows two of the four facilities that exist at Loughborough University.
These chambers were also used for research and verification during filming for the BBC’s “wild weather” documentaries.

Bisham Abbey – The Home Of British Rowing.
Description :-
The training facility that has probably been used by more Olympic and World Championship medallists than any other facility of its type in the world. Athletes from team GB used this facility extensively to acclimatise for the Beijing Olympics as seen on TV.

It was also used by Comic Relief for pre-testing celebrities prior to the Red Nose charity attempt on Kilimanjaro. Altitude: To 5,000m Temperature: -25 to +55°C Humidity: 30% to 95%

University Leuven – Home Of The Belgium “iron Man & Cycling”
Description :-
A former indoor swimming pool fully converted into a triple glazed full environmental chamber offering -15 to 55°C, 15 to 95% and simulated altitude to 5870 Mtr.
A popular training venue for the elite and up & coming Belgium athletes prior to competing around the world.
Leeds Metropolitan University “Carnegie”
Description :-
Primarily used for research and acclimatization procedures, this challenging facility incorporated shaped corners, a split ceiling level and heated windows cut through the adjacent corridor wall for viewing. Offering -25 to +55C, 20 to 98% humidity at high temperatures and extreme altitude simulation to 6000 Mtrs.

The chamber has been used for Everest studies where it can typically be between 30/55% @ -36/-17°C or at base camp 20-100% @ -2 to -16C

University Of Chichester
Description :-
Home of British Boxing, the full environmental facility used by many prominent sports persons including Audley Harrison and renowned cyclist Steve Myers. Recently upgraded to include full extreme altitude simulation with bespoke dehumidification and post cooling on both systems, the chamber provides -25 to +55°C, 20 to 98% RH and altitude to 6480 mtrs. This is also used for student research into Hypoxia and the effects on the human body and brain.
Procter & Gamble PLC
Description :-
A Multi environment / compartment chamber operating from 0 to 50°C and 98% humidity, these chambers are used for the research and testing of hair care products including shampoo and conditioners plus many other associated items for the P&G corporation worldwide product lines.
Tottenham Hotspur

Description :-

A non-extreme environmental facility with full altitude simulation operating from +10 to 35°C with altitude to 4000 mtrs. The chamber is used constantly for hypoxic training [altitude simulation] and rehabilitation of the squad members to enhance their cardiovascular respiratory and pulmonary rates.

Spanish manager Juande Ramos helped turn his Tottenham squad into cup-winners by introducing set hypoxic training regimes.

GlaxoSmithKline “Human Performance Chamber”
Description :-
A full environmental chamber designed for extensive research on human performance, stamina, nutrition and hydration. The chamber provides -25 to +55C, 25 to 98% humidity with altitude to 5800 mtrs under supervision.

In use on a daily basis the chamber is used by the elite from British, European and global superstars from Dame Kelly Holmes, Jenson Button and many, many more in a bid to experience environmental simulated altitude and aid GSK’s world-wide research, including the exposure to hypoxia.

University Of Plymouth

Description :-

Full environmental chamber recently removed and rebuilt in the new facility and upgraded to provide extreme altitude simulation, the chamber offers -25 to +55C, 25 to 98% humidity and altitude to 4380 mtrs with complete automatic operation.

The facility is utilized for Student research and a variety of local sports clubs to enhance their training regimes and fitness levels.

University Of Brighton

Description :-

Full environmental facilities, the chamber offers -25 to +55C, and 25 to 98% humidity.
Originally designed for extreme studies into human performance under extreme conditions, the chamber is also used for student research and a variety of local sports clubs and several high profile events such as simulated Antarctic weeks and speed performanc

University Of Bedford
Description :-
A full environmental system, recently refurbished with updated control system and full altitude simulation, the system feature additional vapor injection and automatic dehumidification. The system is also used for research into stress related muscle injuries and the hypoxia effect with biopsies

Recently used for research and testing for the forthcoming Qatar World Cup as shown on the BBC News.

Triumph UK

:-Environmental chamber for cold start testing and performace related studies at a range of temperature, operating between -25°C and 35C existing and new exciting Triumph designs are tested to the limits in the TISS climatic test chamber.